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the_periscope's Journal

Everything about A Series of Unfortunate Events
VFD Headquarters
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{Welcome to The Periscope. This is A Series of Unfortunate Events fan Community! Feel free to post icons, images, reviews (of the books or movie), discussions, fiction, or anything you'd like here.}

{An extensive archive of all The Periscope content can be found in the community memories.}

{We would like to have fun here, just follow a few simple rules.
~No off topic posts. Keep all entries ASOUE related.
~No flaming, trolling, or anything of that sort. You will be banned.
~Play nice. Make this community a place where people are comfortable to be at.
Now have fun and don't get yourself banned}

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{Contact information to the moderator/owner of this community.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact the lovely moderator: asleia You can email her at asleia@gmail.com

Or the co-mod peacoquettish Who you can email at elizabethroz@gmail.com }

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